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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

how to make money online free info

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                   If you want to make money online fast, I have a method which I use to earn money online which I am going to teach. It is easy to make money online once you have a method that works. The reason why most people find it difficult to make this work for them is because they have no proven method which converts. One of the ways which you can use to make money online which I am going to teach you is affiliate marketing. 

        Affiliate marketing is simply a method of promoting the products of other people and when you make a sale for them you will be paid some percentage of the sale. Let us take for example that I have a phone to sell. I could fix $20 for anyone that helps me to sell this phone and when you do so, I will give you the proposed $20. This is a bit of how affiliate marketing work. There are two stages which you need to successfully pass before you can make money online through affiliate program.

 Stage 1: Select An Affiliate Program
Under affiliate marketing, we have affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are the companies that are looking for people like you to promote their products. Some of these companies are eBay, Amazon, Clickbank and the rest of others. All of these affiliate programs pay you for any sale you generate for them through their affiliate programs. The good part is that you are not charged a penny to join them. Joining is totally free and you won't have to pay any upfront fee. They pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The time you are paid depends on the method you select. Payment is made through PayPal, check, direct deposit, wire transfer, debit card and the rest of others.

The bad side of affiliate programs is that not all of them are profitable. What do I mean by being profitable? I mean a product that will make you make money in a short space of time, that is as little as 2 hours. There are some products which you can promote and make money fast. It is one of the fastest ways to make money online. Finding a profitable affiliate program is not easy, but it is possible. After you have joined an affiliate program you will be provided with a member area. At your member area you will find all the tools you need to succeed ranging from a unique link which will be used to track your sales whenever you make one, banners, text ads, solo ads and the rest of others. What is left next is to find ways which you can use to promote their products in order to make a sale. For this, you should move over to stage 2.

Stage 2: How to Promote Affiliate Programs

When you have found an affiliate program which you know works well, the next step is to start marketing. We have a lot of ways which you can apply to promote. We have the free and paid ones. Some of them are:

Blogging: You can simply create a blog at a free blogsite about the product you are marketing. Fill your blog with contents of the niche you are into and place a link to the product you are promoting. You can also place banners.

Article Writing: You can simply write a short article about the niche you are promoting and at the end of the article you can include the link to the product you are promoting.

Classified Ads: They are classified sites that allow you to place ads. At the end of any ad you place, you should also place a link to the promote you are marketing.

In order to succeed with affiliate marketing, you need a course to get you through on the best way to succeed. They are some websites online which offer training on how to succeed with affiliate marketing. One of the best is Commission Blueprint. It offers a trial membership which you can join to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

A site which can teach you all you need to know in order to successfully make money online from the comfort of your home. You can find more about it at  =>  home base bussiness news 

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